Socket Commands Format

It is possible to use FIX Trader with other homemade software products. The exchange protocol for socket messages is fairy simple and FIX – like. It contains pairs ”tag=value” separated by “^”. The correct tags are listed in the table below:

Tag Description Required Type Allowed values
1 Command type Yes integer 1 – new order
101 Order type Yes integer 1 – market
102 Order side Yes integer 0 – buy

1 – sell

103 Order symbol Yes string  
104 Order lots Yes double  
105 Order price No double  
106 Order stoploss No double  
107 Order takeprofit No doubled  


Tags 105 – 107 are not taken into account in current version and reserved for future.

So, to send to FIX trader an order to buy 1.00 GBPUSD, you should send next string command by socket: