Manual Trading & Volumes

Manual Trading

FIX Trader allows to submit orders manually and simple position control with Manual Trading panel

FIXAPITRader for manual trading

To place the order manually, please select the symbol in Symbol combobox. Then please select order type (for now only market orders are supported for manual trading). In Lots field please specify the desired order value.

If you need position control, before placing the order, please check Algorithmic trading checkbox. That will enable all necessary input fields.

In S/L field you need to specify initial stop loss distance (in pips) from the position average fill price. To move s/l to breakeven price (if it is possible) click MSLBE button .

In T/P field you need to specify take profit distance (in pips) from the position average fill price. To move t/p to breakeven price (if it is possible) click MTPBE button.

To enable trailing stops, you need to put values in Trailing Stop and Trailing Step fields. A Trailing Stop trails (moves) a stop in your favor by a specific distance as long as the market is moving in a favorable direction. Trailing Stop trail your stop by a fixed amount of pips (Trailing Stop) as the market moves in your favor. This results in a slower trailing stop that waits for a certain number of pips (Trailing Step) to be accrued before moving that amount of pips. For example, let’s say we had an initial -100 pip stop loss, that we set to trail with a Trailing Step of 10 and Trailing Stop 50. Our stop will stay at -100 until the price moves in our favor a full 10 pips. Once +10 pips of floating profit is reached on the trade, our fixed-step stop would jump from -100 to -40. Our stop would then stay at -40 until the price moved in our favor another 10 pips (then it will be set to -30).

In the Risk field please specify the balance percent you want to risk from your current balance ( should be input in Account Balance field) and your initial S/L value.

Real Volumes – Book information

FIX Trader allows to see full book information via Book Information panel including volumes. To enable full book display, select symbol in Symbol field and check Show books. The maximum supported depth is 8 levels.


You also can use volumes information in MT4 to manual trading, create indicators and EAs based on Real Volumes.